The biggest anime franchises, like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto, frequently hold this distinction as few anime series have lasted for decades. To help celebrate its 35th anniversary, one iconic anime franchise is now making a comeback. City Hunter has revealed that a new film will be released, revisiting the world of the sweepers, via a new teaser trailer. This will be a big deal in the anime world since the series has spawned countless series, animated films, and live-action adaptations. A new City Hunter anime film will soon be available on streaming services, giving fans of the classic anime series cause to rejoice.

The decision by Netflix to acquire the City Hunter rights is a part of the company’s strategic plan to keep investing in fresh and varied Japanese content. Netflix aims to appeal to a broader range of viewers globally by enhancing its portfolio with new, high-quality productions like City Hunter. Internationally famous Japanese manga City Hunter captivates readers with its unique fusion of action, comedy, and romance. The manga, penned and presented by Tsukasa Hojo, debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1985 and was shot to fame. The narrative centers on Ryo Saeba, a proficient shooter who works as a “sweeper” and accepts various assignments to defend his clients. Kaori Makimura, his companion and love interest, joins him along the way and aids him.

Ryohei Suzuki will play Ryo Saeba in the movie, helmed by Yuichi Sato. Tatsuhiro Mishima wrote the script and is also working on the Netflix adaptation of “Yu Yu Hakusho.” 

The fact that “City Hunter anime” is a reasonably simple detective story means that it is free from the complicated character designs and mythic elements that have hampered other manga adaptations in the past, which may disappoint some fans who were hoping to see the story remain in its original 1980s setting. The live-action film adaptation of the well-known Japanese manga City Hunter has been approved by Netflix, further extending its selection of Japanese content. It is a positive sign that it is already causing fans to become excited.

Image Credit – Yomiuri TV

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