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In June, a secrete conclave organized in Newburg for the big guns in the agricultural sector of the United States. The hosting organization tried their best to keep the meeting as a secret. As a result, they did not reveal the guests’ list. They also did not invite the press to the conclave to maintain secrecy. 

The conclave addressed the sensitive topics related to the ongoing climate change and the American agriculture sector. They discussed how the American agriculture industry could help climate change. The issue is very sensitive, as the current Republican administration put the least emphasize on climate change. Some of their leaders also doubted the existence of climate change. 

The United States Farmers and Ranchers Alliance hosted a highly secretive meeting. Heavyweights from the industry attended the meeting. The agricultural secretary of the United States attended the meeting. Around 100 people from the industry attended the high profile meeting. During the two days event, leaders addressed the topic extensively and came with some great ideas. 

More about the Meeting

One such idea was to paying farmers to use their respective lands to decrease the carbon emission. Chellie Pingree, a Democrat, who was attending the meeting, revealed that the meeting was very serious, and everyone wanted to put forward their points and views about the sensitive issue. 

The June meeting marks the first instance when the agricultural sector is planning to bring a mass reform to reduce the carbon emission. The agricultural sector of the United States suffered a lot, owing to the multiple flood and wildfires. The ongoing trade war with China is not helping the community either. 

The soil quality is gradually degrading due to heavy heat. As a result, the productivity of the lands is decreasing dangerously. Experts are claiming that the meeting is a wake-up call for the industry to save the world. 

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