The crazy new investigative documentary series Gunther's Millions on Netflix is about the world’s richest dog, his keeper Maurizio Mian, and the weird true story that revolves around this decades-long drama.

The background of the richest dog in the world is far more complicated than one may think.
What appears to be an innocent tale of a rich German countess leaving her assets to her loved
German shepherd soon turns into a bizarre story featuring the pharmaceutical heir of Italy,
Maurizio Mian. Countess Karlotta Leibenstein of Germany initially left $80 million to her
dog. Gunther's caretaker Maurizio Mian and his team of individuals responsible for
upholding the Gunther fund boosted the fortune to $400-500 million over time by making
several smart financial decisions.

There have been six dogs officially given the name Gunther. The family is currently on
Gunther VI, the sixth dog in the series that began with Gunther III. In the 1990s, Gunther III passed away, and from 1995 to 2005, Gunther IV took his position. Gunther V from 2005 to 2018, leading to the present Gunther VI, who has overseen the legacy ever since.

The present Gunther is the sixth dog in the Gunther family. According to the docuseries,
Gunther VI is about five years old. A graphic in the document indicates that Gunther VI
became the leader in 2018. We may safely assume the most recent Ginther in the line is a bit older than five since he was not likely a puppy when he overtook as the de facto Gunther after Gunther V’s death. He could be closer to the age of six or seven.

Image Credit – Netflix

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