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The Game adaptation sci-fi series is soon to release on a set date of March 24 this year. Directorial of Otto Bathurst unravelled the first look of the show’s characters, giving a closer look at Soren-066, Doctor Halsey, and Kwan.

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The series is taken from the Microsoft long-running hit game franchise with the same name. It will exclusively debut on Paramount+.

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Halo, set in the 26th century, follows the story of Master Cheif (John-117), who has found the secrets of the lost human civilisation while fighting against an alien alliance that goes by the name the Covenants. They go on a mission to save humanity with genetically enhanced Spartans to sustain society.

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The official Halo TV series Twitter account shared the latest posters of three distinct characters. The first one showed Bokeem Woodbine as Soren-066, the former Spartan-II. Another one pictures UNSC and Office of Naval Intelligence Scientist and Spartan-II project creator, Dr Catherine Elizabeth Halsey played by Natascha McElhone and last but not the least, the series original character Kwan played by (Yerin Ha). The posters were captioned “Different causes, equally dauntless”. Every image depicts a different world that we will see more when the masterpiece is released.

The anticipation of the show is unmatched as they are promising to unmask the Master Cheif for the first time in the 20-year history of the franchise. They are focusing more on a sole character, and the production wanted to portray the character as personal as possible. The studio Head of Transmedia of 343 Industries said that they felt it was necessary to unravel the essence of Cheif. The audience could go head over heels after the big reveal. It also marks that the Tv series will be huge as it already has been renewed before the premiere of season one.

We will keep you posted for further updates. Till then, be a part of the suspense.

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