A new show based on a musical event that will probably run for twelve weeks and include activities of singing, piping and hopefully nary a soggy bottom. The Great British Baking Show is gearing up to begin production. The show’s performer usually sings and dance which helps to create more attraction and give and appeal to the audiences more than Paul Bollywood. The Great British Bake Off has a tent, contestants, bowls of dough, and all the other familiar elements, as you can see from the trailer. But now, that is combined with a lot of singing, dancing, and even what appears to be a solo by Mr. Hollywood’s musical counterpart.

And, to be completely honest, it doesn’t appear to be that bad. Will this receive any honours? Very unlikely. However, it appears to be an enjoyable way to spend an evening out. Especially if you consider yourself a fairly devoted fan of Bake Off. The Great British Bake-Off Musical is only playing in London’s West End at the No,l Coward Theatre through May 13 of this year, according to their website. This follows a very successful run in Cheltenham this past summer. If it becomes sufficiently popular in London, you can be sure that someone will consider bringing it over to our shores. And if they do, we might as well investigate.

Two legendary actors from the worlds of stage and screen portray fictionalized versions of the Bake-Off judges. Broadway and West End star John Own Jones play blue-eyed, silver-fox Phil Hullinghorst. In the meantime, Haydn Gwynne, nominated for four Olivier Awards and a BAFTA, is with him as the enduringly fashionable and sassy Pam Lee. On February 25, the cast of The Great British Bake-Off Musical received a standing ovation from the audience during the show’s sold-out opening night in London.

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