The conclusion of the first episode of Manifest season 4 has major repercussions for the series and its remaining ten episodes. Even though Ben and the others were able to free Eden from Angelina, Holly Taylor’s character has remained a threat. In the season 4 part 1 finale of Manifest, her attack on Eagan and the theft of the Omega Sapphire sparked a fierce conflict with the rogue Flight 828 passenger. Manifest fans have eagerly awaited information regarding the fourth season’s second half since it debuted on Netflix in November 2022. A new tease hits us right in the feels as the wait for the series bittersweet conclusion continues.

On the final day of filming, a member of the original Manifest cast was given the unexpected task of delivering a series-ending monologue, as reported by TV Line. Over the “emotional” final moments of the show, the monologue will be played. TL;DR: We will shed a tear.

Who gives the monologue at the end of Season 4 of Manifest?

There’s a brand-new layer of added emotion as if we didn’t already know that the Manifest series finale would be an emotional hour to watch. Fortunately, we Manifesters can now prepare as best we can for the series finale. 

Naturally, Zeke died in the first episode of Manifest season 4, part 1, after sacrificing himself to save Cal. Matt Long’s appearances in the last ten episodes will be limited if Zeke remains dead in the second half of the final season. We know that Long would crush it, as TV Line teased, and Zeke could impart some wisdom from beyond the grave to conclude the series.

The Manifest season 4 part 1 finale places up the second half of the season and the passengers’ final obstacle in a big way. The passengers on Flight 828 will have to continue regardless of Zeke’s presence, solve the remaining mysteries of the show, and remove Angelina from the board.

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