Noise is a brand-new thriller film available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. However, do not assume we are discussing the Netflix Mexican drama movie of the same name, released in January 2023. The Belgian thriller that we’re discussing was released on March 17. Steffen Geypens directs the Netflix original film Noise, which Geypens, Robin Kerremans, and Hasse Steenssens co-wrote. Clarissa Vermaak, Dimitri Verbeeck, and Bert Hamelinck also agreed to serve as the film’s executive producers. Noise is dark, full of intrigue, and suspenseful, as one would expect from a thriller. You won’t be able to resist watching the film because of the incredible performances of the cast. In general, we strongly suggest watching it with friends. 

What is Netflix’s Noise about?

A man named Matthias leads back into his childhood home with his partner Liv and their son Julius, setting up a basic thriller plot. Matt is a well-known online influencer with more than 120,000 followers. Their family is doing pretty well due to sponsorships that provide them with free baby supplies and diapers. But Matthias starts to suffer from postnatal depression after many late nights and early mornings, and the condition worsens as the movie progresses. Matt investigates an investigation into a local factory accident, something connected to his father’s dark past, to alleviate the effects of this. 

The description above is significantly more intriguing than what is presented here in terms of plot summaries. The narrative is slow and laborious, and loud noises are a recurring theme that quickly becomes tiresome.

Which nation made Noise?

The Belgian thriller movie was made in Belgium, specifically in Brussels and the surrounding areas, according to The Cinemaholic. According to reports, production began in May 2022 and concluded sometime in the summer of that year.

Image Credit – Netflix

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