Brendan Fraser is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to his leading role in Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar-nominated film The Whale, based on the Samuel D. Hunter play about going through grief and finding salvation. The 54-year-old actor portrays Charlie, a misanthropic English teacher who, over several years and several hundred pounds after the death of his boyfriend, finds himself reuniting with his daughter.

For the part that led to Fraser receiving an Oscar nomination for best actor, he had to wear prosthetics. He was also selected for a Golden Globe and received a Critics Choice Award. Along with other accolades this awards season, co-star Hong Chau received an Oscar nomination for outstanding supporting actress as Liz, a healthcare worker. Also featured are Samantha Morton and Ty Simpkins in the series.

Where and when can you stream The Whale online?

The Whale can be purchased or rented online at Apple TV, Vudu, or Amazon Prime Video. It is not currently accessible for free online streaming via any streaming services.

It’s still being determined when The Whale will be available for streaming because it’s an A24 production. On the other hand, Showtime will most likely start streaming it sometime in 2023.

Fraser is ‘a better actor ,slyer, subtler, more haunting than he has ever been,’ according to Variety, which also praised Sink’s performance. The actor has been among the favourites to win Best Lead Actor throughout the entire awards season, despite the controversy surrounding the movie. Given that his career stalled in the late 2000s, his recent return to the national spotlight and his success in the role make his performance all the more noteworthy. The resurgence of Fraser’s career has delighted his fans.

Image Credit – A24

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