The novelization of the series finale, “Rest in Peace,” allows us to reflect on the events that made The Walking Dead one of the most popular television series ever. It’s fun to think back on your favourite episodes of The Walking Dead and remember how great they were now that the show’s final episode is over. The first episode of TWD, directed by Michael Satrazemis and written by Scott Gimple, aired on AMC on March 16, 2014. After the prison fell, Tyreese saved all three girls, and they would eventually meet Carol, who saved them all. The characters in “The Grove” find a perfect place to regroup; however, another tragedy strikes, making this one of the most heart-breaking episodes.“The Grove,” starring Melissa McBride as Carol, is one of The Walking Dead’s 177 episodes that stands out. In this episode, McBride brings a depth to the character that we had only glimpsed in passing in the episodes before it and perhaps even in those that came after it. McBride’s elegant touch is what makes the heart-breaking final act almost unbearable to watch, as she leads Carol deeper into turmoil, igniting her tearful eyes with the internal chaos. a determination to complete the task at hand that is at odds with the nurturing spirit’s desire to safeguard Lizzie the burden of knowing that she alone is about to kill an innocent child poisoned by the world.                                                                        

However, “The Grove” stands out besides McBride’s masterful performance. Because the entire episode is centred on just four characters, the story can develop and keep the viewer interested without pausing to catch up with what’s happening elsewhere. Throughout the series, these focused episodes, which are not uncommon, have been crucial in examining character depths, and this is no exception. Most episodes highlight characters adjusting, making due, and now and again flourishing in the whole-world destroying occasion and others.

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