According to Variety, the film, Seven Kings Must Die will make its Netflix debut on April 14. Additionally, the streamer today teased fans with new images from the film. Following Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s tales, Seven Kings Must will carry on the tale of The Last Kingdom. In this two-hour sequel, Uhtred will set out on another adventure with his friends across the dispersed kingdom to bring England together after the death of King Edward while invaders and competing heirs fight for the throne. The Last Kingdom, which debuted in 2007, is based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories and first premiered in 2015. Netflix became co-producers of the series, beginning with the second season before acquiring full rights to the rest of the series.

There is a lot of speculation regarding who the seven kings from the title are, but we have already seen one of them. A new character that will make his film debut is named Ingilmundr, and the official Last Kingdom Twitter account debuted an image of him. Although we don’t know who will play him, we can infer from Cornwell’s books that he will play a significant part in the film. In the twelfth book by Cornwell, War of the Wolf, the Danish leader Ingilmundr makes his debut. He impacts catastrophic events that affect Uhtred until the series’ conclusion.

Another character from the film, King Constantin, the ruler of Alba, was revealed via Twitter. 

We can categorically say he is one of the seven kings referenced in the title (Scotland). Contantin (Rod Hallett), a cunning leader who first appeared in season 5, has already made one attempt to disturb the equilibrium in Northumbria. The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die debuts on Netflix on April 14; watching the new character chemistry with the existing ones would be interesting. 

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