Coconut water is a very healthy drink, it is loaded with important nutrients and minerals that are most important for our body. It is very tasty and refreshing and healthy. In recent years it has become a trendy beverage. It is low in calories, has less sodium and free from fat and cholesterol, and is a rich source of potassium. Some studies have shown that it is actually better than water. We all should drink coconut water daily.

Here are some benefits of coconut water:

1 Antioxidant Property
There are free radicles in our cells, their production increases in the response to injury and stress. When there are too many free radicles in our body, our body enters into a state of oxidative stress and that is not good for us it can damage our cells and increase many disease risks in our body. Many studies have shown that coconut water contains antioxidants that modify the free radicals so they no longer cause harm to our cells.

2 Good source of nutrients
Coconut grows on a big palm tree. Coconut water is the juice, found in the center of a young coconut. As it matures, some of the juice ripen into solid form which is also known as coconut meat, and the rest of the juice remains liquid.

Some important minerals which are found in coconut water:

46 calories
Vitamin C

3 It works against diabetes
Many types of research have shown that coconut water can help to lower the blood sugar level. In some studies, diabetic rats were treated with coconut water and it helped them to reduce their blood sugar level. These studies indicate that coconut water may reduce the sugar level in our blood and it also may increase insulin sensitivity because it is a good source of magnesium.

4 It is a tasty source of hydration
Coconut water is a very delicious source of hydration. It is slightly sweet with a subtle and nutty flavor. It has also a low amount of calories and carbs. You can store coconut water in your refrigerator for two to three days. So when you want to feel fresh just take out the coconut water from the refrigerator and drink it.

5 coconut water helps in digestion
It has the right amount of fiber in it and if you consume fiber on a daily basis then it does wonder for your digestive system and keeps away various digestion issues

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