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The American author/comedian passed out during a show while she was completing her second joke and the audience thought it was a part of her stand-up routine until it was discovered a medical emergency.

The 51-year-old said she feels terrible because her show got canceled past her collapse on the stage at The Tempe Improv in Arizona on Saturday night during a performance and fractured her skull. She was rushed directly to the hospital.

The comedian took it to her Instagram to apologize to fans from her hospital bed saying, “Oh my God, I’m so so so so so sorry. I got up, I did one joke and I felt so dizzy. You can see my eye, I fell on my eye. Oh my God, I cannot believe this happened, I feel so terrible that they had to tell everyone to leave and then cancel the second show.”

She further added that she never fainted in her life before.

The announcement of a performance at The Tempe again in the near future is confirmed both by the artist and her management. They also said she will be released soon from the hospital.

As McDonald’s headlining joke was on unvaccinated people amid the ongoing pandemic. She delivered, ‘’I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted… and flu shot, and shingle shot, and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most,’’ following her last line she fell on the stage and hit her head for a moment it looked like a part of the gig but later on, it became clear that it was a medical emergency. Luckily an EMT and nurse were present in the audience they called 911 and declared that it might happen due to a seizure from the first encounter.

The stand-up artist rejected to call an ambulance and Was taken to a local hospital by her sister.

The doctors haven’t found the reason for such happening, although they have been running multiple diagnostic tests on her.

The comic told a media outlet that she felt dizziness just before collapsing and it was something she never felt on a show.

We hope that the artist recovers ASAP! And be healthy to perform on show soon.

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