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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, Apple has just introduced the new feature in the iOS 14.5 beta version is of iPhone 11 battery recalibration. The new feature of the iOS14.5 beta version of the battery gives the user device’s maximum battery capacity and also gives the peak performance capability and can also fix the unexpected battery drain. Moreover, in rare cases, the thing could lead to battery replacement also.

And if the user now wants to know the answer to the question that how actually the iPhone battery calibration works, the user needs to read the below article. And moreover, the feature of the iPhone battery calibration is only available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro max only. The feature will become available for the version of the iOS 14.5 beta 6.

Now here are the steps that will tell you that how iPhone battery calibration works:-

1. Once the user installs the iOS14.5 beta 6 version on an iPhone 11, then the process of battery calibration starts working automatically.

The thing could take up a few weeks to start.
The feature could fix the “unexpected battery drain behavior or, in a small number of instances, reduced peak performance capability”

2. New in order to check the status the user has to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

3. Now the user can see the notification about the recalibration at the top of the device.
The message shown above will show you the message written as “Your battery health reporting system is recalibrating Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability. This process may take a few weeks. and the recalibration will happen over time with regular charge cycles.”

4. Apple also says that the user will get to know that the process has completed after the notification or the message shown at the top has gone.

5. And at the last if the recalibration finds the “significantly degraded” battery health and after that a battery server message will appear.

That’s all was the article about the battery recalibration feature that the user can use in the iPhone 11 models.


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