While the immediate romance between JJ and Kiara in Outer Banks season 3 was dashed, it is part of a better scheme for the Pogue couple. Throughout the first two seasons of the Netflix series, JJ and Kiara became very close. The strength of Kiara’s bond with JJ by the end of season 2 started to fuel rumours that they would get together soon after she admitted to having feelings for John B and hooked up with Pope. This included rumours that the third season of Outer Banks would start with JJ and Kiara just starting to date.

Blossoming romances among the group’s members have always been a staple of Outer Banks, a show centred on teenagers pursuing adventurous treasure hunts. John B. and Sarah Cameron provide most of the series’ romance, and Pope and Cleo’s relationship also becomes romantic in Outer Banks season 3. The second romance comes together fairly quickly in the new season, but the hopes for Kiara and JJ’s relationship to progress further are dashed. Fortunately, everything indicates that Outer Banks has a better plan for JJ and Kiara’s relationship.

The journey suggests that JJ and Kiara are the show’s end goal, despite any potential disappointment that Outer Banks season 3 drags out their relationship. Although John B and Sarah’s relationship is more well-known and has faced its share of challenges, JJ and Kiara’s relationship has faced more challenges as it has grown. Outer Banks is obtaining the time to fully set their romance to be the show’s endgame couple through their various fights in season 3 and JJ’s valiant attempt to rescue Kiara from Kitty Hawk. The developments that did occur before might not ensure that everything is as it seems, as the Outer Banks season 3’s ending left some uncertainty about the status of their relationship after the time jump. The developments that did come before might not guarantee that everything will be smooth sailing for JJ and Kiara in the future. Season 4 could explore how it has been more complicated than they thought to make their relationship work.

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