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Here Is the Update on The Curse of Oak Island!

A new episode of Curse of Oak Island continues the search for ancient treasure. The Laginas and the others had previously been able to locate a stone with cryptic carvings, a cross with possible Knights Templar connections, and various other historically significant antiques. Since its debut on History Channel on January 5, 2014, this treasure hunt has progressed significantly. Oak Island is a place filled with legends and mysteries, one of which suggests that the island contains a powerful treasure.

Recap Of Last Episode !

In the previous episodes, Paul Cote is seen with Craig Tester and Scott Barlow, his partners. They gathered to examine the reports on the Cash pit, which was currently around 70 feet down. The people who came before the Lagina brothers constructed a Garden Shaft into what they referred to as the “Money Pit” many years ago.

Rick proposes a theory that the circular structure at the quadrilateral was built by the same people who built the money pit. He also suggests that the clay could have been used to protect a structure deep in the ground. The team returns to the war room to discuss the matter with Portuguese researcher Francisco Nogueira.

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Release Date

Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 20 will be broadcasted on April 11, 2023. It airs new episodes once per week, each of which lasts between 44 and 45 minutes.

What can we expect from season 10 episode 20?

┬áIn the upcoming episode titled “A Barrel Full of Clues,” the teams discover the murky swamps with the potential to be a significant discovery in figuring out North America’s secret History.

Where Can I Watch Episode 20 of Season 10 of Curse of Oak Island?

All new episodes are circulated on History Channel at 9:00 pm ET and 8:00 pm CT for watchers from the US. Curse of Oak Island episodes will be available on Hulu, Peacock TV, Discovery and History’s website.

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