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Giannis Anteokounmpo

Giannis Anteokounmpo is going to be the richest man in Athletics history. On Tuesday, the MVP signed the biggest contract in NBA history. It is a five-year long contract that will keep Anteokounmpo in Milwaukee atleat till 2025. Anteokounmpo is set for future as the deal has gone behyond $45 million per year by which he will become the richest athlete of the North- America team sports.

He could become rich in this year only but due to the coronavirus pandemic the government introduced the new rules in the North-America Sports. The government introduced a max contract in the sports. It is not a dollar figure. It is the %age of the salary cap.

When a player signs a max extension like this one, then the dollar figure is left blank until the cap is determined for the season in which the deal kisks in.The cap is determined by the revenue itself.

Due to the Pandemic, the cap was determined of the last season that was $109,140,000 by the settlement of NBA and NBPA. The cap will grow on from 3% to 10% in this league depending upon the revenue generated by the league.

The three percent of $109,140,000 will be calculated as $228.2 million and by adding it to the generated cap it will become $112,414,200. This time the cap is estimated to be low and this cap is calculated for the next year, when the Giannals deal gets in.

Now here is the estimated cap of the Anteokounmpo per year till 2026:-

2021-22    $39,344,970

2022-23    $42,492,567

2023-24    $45,640,164

2024-25    $48,787,761

2025-26    $51,935,358

Total           $228,200,820


Again, this number is not confirmed anything could be happen in the five years and the change in value can be there. If the fans are able to return the arenas then it is a posibility that the revenue generated will be more. In the best-case scenario, the cap would rise 9%, upto $120,054,000. In that case the Giannis would net over $14 million of the total of his pay in the year.

Here’s the estimated of the Giannis of the future five ears if the pandemic didn’t occured:-

2021-22   $42,018,900

2022-23   $45,380,412

2023-24   $48,741,924

2024-25   $52,103,436

2025-26   $55,464,948

Total          $243,709,620

This scenario is viewed as unlike as the teams are operationg with that $112.4 million cap projection, which informs the $228.2 million value being evaluated in the Giannis contract.

The above total shows the amount which he really makes in the leagues and not the amount if the pandemic was not there.

In the September 2019, The Atletic’s Shams Charania reported that the NBA has already fixed the salary cap for the year 2021-22 which was way more less than the esitimated this year.

Here’s the esitmated salary cap of the Giannis estimated in the year 2019:-

2021-22   $43,750,000

2022-23    $47,250,000

2023-24    $50,750,000

2024-25    $54,250,000

2025-26    $57,750,000

Total     $253,750,000

By considering this contract, we should not forget that Alex Rodiguez signed the biggest contract 2 decades ago in front of which this contract is not at half of that and the contract was also for 10 years.

This contract didn’t exceed the total vaue of one player, but would have done in so many years. It would have paid Giannis over $50 million per year, as the salary of the indiviual player is never less than the 105 percent of the previous salary.

The estimated salary cap of Giannis would go above $60 million for the 2026-27 season if he was productuive enough. For a player to reach that salary cap it is required for him to grow over $171 million, a 57% jump in the current level.

Based on these numbers , we can project that the pandemic cost Giannis at least $25,549,180 the difference between that $253,750,000 figure and the $228,200,820 is expected to receieve.

Also, there is another account named Escrow in which some percent of the players salary is saved in the case of emergency.

Once again, the numbers are not confirmed but one thing is for sure that Giannis this time is going to make a lot of money. But Giannis Anteokounmpo could loose money becuase of the coronavirus pandamic which is not stable.

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