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Here’s How to Watch Winona Ryder’s ‘Gone in the Dark’ Horror Film

Gone in the Night, a new horror film featuring the incredibly gifted Winona Ryder will be released on July 15, and fans are asking where they can see it. We’ve got you covered, as always. We’ve included a link to where you can view the horror film down below.

Eli Horowitz directed Gone in the Night. He also co-wrote the screenplay with Matthew Derby. Horowitz is best known for producing the mystery thriller series Homecoming starring Janelle MonĂ¡e and the comedic feature Kajillionaire.

The plot follows Kath (Winona Ryder) and her lover Max (John Gallagher Jr.) as they travel to a lonely cabin in the redwoods for a weekend break. When they arrive, they discover they’ve been double booked with a mystery younger couple. When Max and the young lady go missing, Kath and Max decide to share the cottage with the younger couple.

Is Gone in the Night available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, when it is released on July 15, it will not be accessible to stream on Netflix. However, if Netflix secures licensing rights, it may be added to the streamer in the future.

Where can you watch Gone in the Night?

Gone in the Night will be released in cinemas on July 15, followed by a VOD release on August 2. Tickets can be purchased online at services such as Fandango and AMC Theatres, or in person at the booth.



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