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It is not secure that Apple’s MacBook series ranks among the best laptops out there. Apple has spent years refining the machines and the introduction of the M1 Max and M1 Pro have changed the processing game for good.

A survey conducted by Apple device management company Kandji shows that a third of UK employees are more likely to accept a job that offers them Apple products.

Staggeringly, that rises to 49% of Gen Z employees.

“Work from anywhere in the new reality for employers,” said Kandji CEO Adam Pettit. “It is not surprising that this shift has driven greater adoption of Apple devices in business, in no small part due to greater confidence in their security features. In the face of the Great Resignation, businesses must offer their employees greater choice of work devices in order to attract the next generation of talent.”

IT managers are feeling the heat, too, with 73% reporting an increase in employees asking for Apple products and 49% saying Apple is the most in-demand brand.

Unfortunately for employees, and especially for Gen Z, employers are rarely offering such perks: Only 19% of UK companies offer iOS and macOS devices as an option.

Years ago, the thought of using Apple products for serious work was laughed at. MacBooks were, by and large, over-priced items that did not offer the software support needed for many jobs.

In the year 2022, that has all changed. Apple is riding high on the wave of people choosing their fast, sleek devices and the software side has caught up, even as Apple shifts towards its own chip architecture.

Microsoft, for example, has invested a lot of time in making its Office 365 suite compatible with iOS, macOS, and iPad’s.

Tell us in the comments which device you prefer, macOS or Windows.

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