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Now that season 21 of The Voice has come to an end, and it’s time for the coaches to enjoy the Christmas season and focus on their other exciting endeavors. But, as we wait to see if NBC renews the singing competition for another season, we’ll be worrying about the future of one coach, in particular, the one and only Blake Shelton.

To be clear, the “Came Back as a Country Boy” singer has not stated his decision to leave The Voice, where he has competed since the first season in 2011. However, Blake did imply to Today’s Hoda Kotb earlier this year that he may soon be wanting to have a less frantic schedule and embrace a “simpler existence” with his wife, Gwen Stefani.

“I hope that’s not too far down the line,” Blake expressed his hope. “To me, ten years is far too long. That’s something I’d want to see sooner rather than later.”

Furthermore, after recruiting Ariana Grande for season 21, The Voice producers were said to be trying to “replace” Blake on the program “with someone younger and more contemporary.” Of course, Blake effectively debunked this when he jokingly texted Ariana a link to a story about the allegation.

So, is Blake seriously considering leaving the program after ten years, or is this just rumor? It’s difficult to say at this stage. In 2017, he told the radio station WKRO 93.1 FM that he wanted to perform the show for “at least a year” but that “anything may happen.”

Of course, he ended up staying for far more than a year four years later. While it will be a sad day if Blake decides to leave the program, we will always remember his amusing antics, especially the regular banter sessions with previous Voice star Adam Levine. We’ll continue to support The Voice coach until that day arrives.

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