Euphoria Season 2
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Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor, he has worked on many Netflix shows, Euphoria, three seasons of “The kissing Booth”, and now Euphoria season 2

Recently, The premiere of the show came on Sunday,9 January, which is created, written and executive produced by Sam Levinson. Fans shared their Reactions on Twitter, Instagram, about Nate getting a bottle smashed on his head and punches on his face, at a New year’s party.

Jacob Elordi, Who plays Nate’s character on the show, had given his first interview after coming to The premiere, with “The Tonight Show” on 11 January, fans waited for this very long and Jacob also had something to share.

Jacob responded “Yeah, they were stoked. They were so happy about it.” When the host asked Jacob if he agreed with the fans, he gave a smile before giving an answer.

“I think me, like Jacob, I would love to beat him up. Like, I would love to give him a clip around the ears,” Jacob started. “But as Nate, I feel very bad for him.”

Jacob disclosed on the Tonight Show ‘didn’t know how well the episode had done Sunday night but was informed Monday morning.

The actor said ‘that it crashed the website and, you know, a lot of people have seen it, so it’s, yeah, it’s so scary.’

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