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The ongoing protests in Hong Kong are showing no sign of stoppage. Sunday’s march marks the six-month milestone of such protests in the country. The protesters have five demands, and they do not want to compromise on even one. The protest started when the government proposed a controversial bill that enables the extradition of Hong Kong nationals to Mainland China.  

The first mass protest observed on the 9th of June when around one million protesters came to the street to show their disappointment over the bill. After seven days of the initial protests, about twice as many people as the initial protests gathered on the street and collapsed the financial hub. After hundreds of such protests, the government finally decides to withdraw the bill, but the protesters were in no mood to stop their protests. Protesters claim that the action only fulfilled one of their five demands. They termed the initiative as too late and very little. Currently, the protesters are demanding a greater scope of democracy in Hong Kong. 

The opposition party criticized the existing government severely. They found the government responsible for the irresponsible conduct of Police in Hong Kong. One of the opposition party leaders revealed that the people are carrying out their protests for such a long time because the government did not respond to it. As a result, many protesters think that protest is the only option left with them, he added. While comparing the protest with 2014 one, the opposition leader revealed that the current protests are leaderless; therefore, the level of violence increased significantly in comparison to the 2014 protests. 

Action against Hong Kong Protesters

The official figure suggests that police arrested around 4,319 protesters since the 9th of June. The government of Hong Kong fi also states that about 2,600 people injured during the process; as a result, they had to go under medical treatment in various public hospitals. 

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