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House of Representatives Passes Bill to Protect Abortion Rights, But Senate Likely to Reject

The US House of Representatives created two bills on Friday to protect access to abortion after the Supreme Court ordered that individual states can ban or restrict the process.

The law passed by the Democratic-controlled House is unlikely to progress in the Senate, where 10 Republican votes would be required to bring the measures into action.

“Just three weeks ago, the Supreme Court took a wrecking ball to fundamental rights by overturning Roe v. Wade,” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced, referring to the landmark case that enshrined legal access to abortion.

“That is why today, our pro-choice, pro-women Democratic majority stands resolute,” Pelosi announced. “We will take further action to defend women’s reproductive freedom.”

The first bill, the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” was accepted only with Democratic support. It would legalize abortion all over the United States.
The House approved a similar bill the previous year, but it was declined in the Senate.

The other bill that was adopted on Friday is supposed to provide legal protection to women who leave one state to go through an abortion in another.

Several conservative states have already prohibited the process of abortion since the Supreme Court ruling, and nearly half of the 50 US states are hoping to impose near or total bans in weeks or forthcoming months.



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