Only three days after the release of the first season’s final episodes on Friday, Netflix’s newest revenge drama series, “The Glory”, became the show with the most viewers worldwide on Monday. According to FlixPatrol, a website that tracks Netflix rankings, the show came in at number one. On Monday, one in 38 nations, including Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Mexico, and the number 3 in the US and the Assembled Realm, making it the general No. 1 show worldwide. 

The second season of The Glory debuted on March 10 and quickly amassed 124.46 million viewing hours, surpassing. You season 4 part 2’s 75.81 million. The third season of Outer Banks did well in its first few weeks on the chart, but it only made 44.58 million this week, allowing The Glory to pass it. The first season of The Glory racked up 82.48 million viewings in its second week in January, securing a spot in the Top 10 for several weeks following its debut in December 2022.

What Is The Glory About??

The plot of The Glory revolves around a woman’s plan to exact revenge on those who cruelly bullied and abused her in high school. Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) has meticulously planned an intricate plan of revenge against the perpetrators, led by ringleader Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), since she was a teenager. Dong Eun can finally see her dream come true now that she is an adult, with the help of a handsome doctor (Lee Do Hyun) who is drawn to her. In addition to the fact that The Greatness separated 2 astounding numbers during its most memorable week, the show figured out how to become one of Netflix’s most-seen shows ever. Based on how many hours viewers spent watching non-English television shows in their first 28 days on Netflix, it became the Top 10 list.

Hence, if you haven’t seen it, binge today on Netflix and watch it!

Image Credit – Netflix

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