It’s been over four years since the compulsive television adaption of Caroline Kepnes’s You pierced to the OTT screen, and what an absurd ride it’s been stood. What began as a critique on men and the menaces of meet-cutes has evolved into a slasher series stringing spectators along one killer’s jarring jamboree. In prior seasons, we’ve observed anti-hero Joe from New York to Los Angeles and California’s wealthy suburbs as he pushes from obsession to fetish, converting himself each time. Now Season 4 takes us to London in what’s by outlying the show’s most enterprising season yet.

A murder riddle is the primary focus of You Season 4 Part 1, yet it’s an intricate issue to determine. Joe doesn’t seem highly motivated to explore the murder, and all the exceptional suspects are sinful people with ulterior justifications. This is anticipated from a whodunit, but a relatable personality must enable the audience to sympathise with the puzzle and its solution. That emotional connection to the murder enigma is nowhere to be uncovered here, departing an apathetic detective, who’s also a killer of himself, to vend with people who don’t overlook the subject.

Your season 4 will diverge into parts of 5 episodes each, a model Netflix used for last year’s release of Stranger Things season 4. Individually season of You has succeeded because of its ability to convert the script and up the ante, and season 4, part 1, pursues through on that promise. Having a good start at the beginning yet keeping the eyes stalked on the audience about unpredictable conclusions.

Image Credit – Netflix

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