BBC One modern Historical fiction has finally concluded its sixth and final season. The show circles around the hardships of the Shelby family as they struggle to maintain their position as Peaky Blinders. The show is set in Birmingham, England, starting in 1919, several months after the end of the First World War in November 1918.

The show is a highly appreciated and popular British gangster drama television series in Birmingham, England, and shows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First World War.

The show ended on 3 April 2022 when it aired the final episode of its sixth installment. Since its arrival on 12 September 2013, the show gained worldwide recognition because of its beautiful aesthetics and brilliant performances.

In the final episode, fans saw the beloved character, Arthur Shelby, back in fine form for one last, ultra-violent blowout in the name of his Aunt Polly, complete with machine guns, mustard gas, and fury. It turned out to be a glorious return to form for a struggling character.
Arthur is the eldest son of Arthur sr. and Mrs. Shelby. he is also the older brother of Thomas, John, Ada, and Finn Shelby. Being married to Linda Shelby, he has a son named Billy. He was born to a Romani and Irish Traveller family. After returning from France, Arthur feels that he should be the head of the family business. Hence, he became the Deputy Vice President of Shelby Company Limited and a member of the ICA, acting as his brother’s right-hand man.

His character is a complex personality, making him one of the most popular Shelby siblings. Unfortunately, fans felt Arthur got misplaced in translation as the last season ended. His role as the second-in-command reduced to almost nothing by the time season six came around. He didn’t even get a proper on-screen goodbye. It was a shame to see such a personality, tormented with anger and mental health issues, become a butt of a joke rather. Arthur’s always been a pleasure to watch, but despite his witty one-liners and slight naivety despite his older age, he was always tinged with something darker. Season six let Arthur down badly.


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