How to Add Animated Message Effects on Instagram DMs?
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As we all know that after integrating the messenger and Instagram direct that the users got access to most of the features such as chat themes, vanish mode, custom emoji reactions, selfie stickers, and many more. But the users overlooked the idea of the animated message effects. Moreover, this idea was good but the users ignored this Idea. If the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Add Animated Message Effects on Instagram DMs? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the things about the animated message effects.

So, first let’s know that what are the Animated message effects:-

The animated message effects are the features that make the message of the sender stand out to the recipient. Moreover, if the user has already used the iMessage before then he/she might be familiar with this feature as this feature is there in the iMessage by default. As of now, the company offers the users a total of four themes out named as heart effect, celebrations effect, fire effect, and a gift box effect and moreover, the users also expect the company to launch the new themes in the future.

Now let’s know how to access the animated message effects

As we all know that the usage of animated message effects is simple but some of the users find this difficult so now here are the steps that let you know that how to access the animated message effects.

1. In order to use the feature the person first has to write the message. After that, the user may notice a change in the window that now the camera icon on the right of the message has changed to the search icon.

2. Now the user just has to swipe up in order to open the window given below and from there the user is able to select the theme or is able to search for the theme for which he/she is looking.

3. While adding the theme the sender should notice that the theme should be added after writing the whole message as if the user writes it down in between the message then the theme may not work.

4. Moreover, the recipient should also keep in mind that to see the message in a window in order to see the original effect as in the new window the message will be looked more expressive than the normal message.

That’s all was the article about and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Add Animated Message Effects on Instagram DMs?



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