As well all know that discord is one of the apps that is used to chat and to stay connected to friends and relatives. In the app, we are able to share the screen and moreover are able to listen to music with friends and relatives. The user can also add one of the discord bots from the server and to listen along with the community. The discord also offers its integration with Spotify in order to show that what you’re listening to as your Discord status. With the help of this, the user and friends are able to share the music and listen to music together. If the user is looking for the steps of How to Connect Spotify to Discord? then you have come to the right place.

The following steps will tell you how to connect discord to Spotify through the mobile and PC both.

So, first let’s come to the steps that tell you about how to connect to discord to Spotify through the PC:-

1. First the user has to log in to the discord account from the PC and then click on the Settings icon present next to your username in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on this the app will take you to the discord’s setting page.

2. Now from the Connections section in User settings, click on Spotify. Here the user is able to see the connections from the other apps as well such as Twitch, YouTube,, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub. For the connection from Spotify, the user has to click on the Spotify app and then has to wait for the confirmation.

3. After clicking on Spotify then the pop-up window will show you to log in to the app. After logging into Spotify the Spotify app will be shown the connection window of the discord.

4. After that ‘Display Spotify as your status’ offers controls to enable or disable Spotify listening status’. Moreover, if the user wants to give the link of the Spotify app in the discord app then the user must enable the option of ‘Display on profile’. The result of this will come out as the user will be enabled to share the music with the friends and the friends will be able to play the music of the user.

5. If the friends want to use Spotify and get connected with the group then the user has to ‘Listen Along’ button present next to the ‘Play on Spotify’ button.

6. Moreover the friends can see the activity that which songs we are singing.

Now we come to the steps of how to connect the discord to Spotify from the mobile phone.

1. Firstly open the discord app and then click on the avatar button in order to access the user settings. From the window open click on the connections menu.

2. Nowhere the user is able to see all the connections of the app and in order to make a connection then tap on the Add button in the top right corner.

3. Now from the list of the appeared apps choose Spotify and now you are able to connect to the app. And the user will now have to login into Spotify and the user will also have to authorize the discord.

4. The last step that the user has to follow is that enable Device broadcast status permission from Spotify’s settings.

So, this was the answer to the question of How to Connect Spotify to Discord?. I hope now the reader will not get any difficulty.


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