Twitter Spaces
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Twitter Spaces

According to the report it has been mentioned that Twitter last year in the month of December announced the launch of the live audio room under the name of the twitter spaces for the iOS users and after then company started the same thing under the testing for the Android users too. And if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Create, Join, and Use Twitter Spaces? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the things about the use of Twitter Spaces.

First, let’s know what is exactly twitter spaces all about?

It is a platform like a clubhouse in which the user is allowed to join the live audio rooms and can chat with anyone in that. Along with this, as the feature is already integrated into Twitter, so the creators need not go through the hassle of creating the new rooms and the following will automatically get engage with the followers of the account.

According to the reports, they claim that the company is still testing the version of it on Android as well as on iOS. And till now the tests claim that there is still no ability or feature that allows the user to create a space and the company is also claiming to bring the feature of the twitter spaces to the web version in the future.

As of now, the feature is public now and anyone can use it and join the space. And the user can just, for now, turn off the microphone and can allow the other to join the room and can listen to the talks. As of now the accounts which are with the protected tweets cannot host a room but can join the rooms hosted by others. And a user can’t access a space session after it gets ends but the user can get a copy of the audio and the messages after the end of the session and the validity for the same is for 30 days only.

And according to Twitter, a total of 11 people in space can talk and on the limit of the listeners, there is no limit. A user can add on 100 listeners in a chat. In the Fleets section, the followers of the user can see the notification that the user has started a space and can request to join the same.

Now let’s know that how to Create a Twitter Space

1. First the user has to tap on the option of the + floating button which is present at the bottom right and then the user has to choose the option of the spaces from the available options.

2. Now the app will ask the user to type a name for space. After that, the user has to set a name that is relevant to the conversation, and then the user has to tap on the option of the start your space in order to proceed further.

Now Let’s Know That How To Configure The Spaces

1. First of all when the user creates a space then the mic of the user will get turn off automatically and after that in order to enable the Mic, the user has to click on the option of the mic that is present at the bottom left.

2. Now in order to enable or view the captions the user has to choose the option of the 3 dots and from there the user has to choose the option of the ‘Adjust settings’.

3. The user can also minimize the space by just tapping on the arrow that is present above the space heading and by this way the user can continue to use the space while scrolling down the feed and on thing is also noted that a user wouldn’t get disconnected to space if he/she opens up a different app in the middle of the space session.

Now let’s know that how to invite others to the spaces.

1. There are in total 3 ways of inviting the people to the spaces. First comes the option of sending the DMs through Twitter only. Next comes the option of copying the link and sharing it from the other platforms and to do so the user has to tap on the ‘Share’ button in the Space UI.

2. Moreover, the host can also manage the participants from the guest section, and from there only the host can view the speakers and listeners and could also approve the requests of the new listeners and speakers.

Now let’s know that how to join a Twitter space

1. First comes the case if the user is following the host, then he/she can see a purple space indicator on the top of his/her timeline. And after that, the user can tap on it and can choose the option of joining the space.

2. The user can have the option of joining the space as a speaker or a listener and on both sides, the host will be approving the request.

3. Moreover, if a user doesn’t want to speak in space then he/she can also use the emojis option that is present in the spaces. the user has to just tap on the option of the emoji button which is present at the bottom right and has to pick one of the available emojis and all the participants can see the emoji in the Space avatar.

That’s all was the article about the witter spaces and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Create, Join, and Use Twitter Spaces?

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