How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen?
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Android TV is one of the best devices that people have made in the world. Moreover, people liked the idea and also they like to use the apps on the TV than on mobile phones. But the drawback of the Android TV is that the ads that are shown on the display as the ads cover some portion of the screen that breaks the experience of the user watching the TV. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question that How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen?

Now let’s first know the answer to the question that why google shows the ad on the home screen of the android tv?

So, the answer comes out to be that the userbase of the Android TV is growing day by day, and So, Google is trying to monetize the platform by showing sponsored content on the home screen. Moreover, android tv is a free home open-source software so google needs to adjust its free offerings.

Now let us know that due to which app the ads are shown on this screen. This part is the most difficult part of the Android TV to know that the ads are shown through which app as the company which makes these devices already gives the background apps while making the device so it will become difficult to find out which app is showing the ads.

Now we come to the steps of removing the ads from the home screen of the android tv

1. In order to disable ads, first of all, visit the settings page of the android tv and after that click on the option of apps and then scroll down and click on the option of see all apps.

2. After that scroll down and then click on the system apps. After that look for the option of Android TV home and then click on that.

3. Then from the list given click on the option of uninstall updates.

4. Now in order to stop the Android TV from the automatic update, the user has to disable the option of automatic update from the settings.

5. After reaching the settings click on the option of Auto-Update Apps.

6. After that click on the option of non-auto-update and then you are done. After clicking on the option the google will not update the apps themselves. Moreover, the manual work for the user has increased and the user now has to update the apps manually from the play store.

That’s all are the ways that a user is able to disconnect or stop the ads from the user on Android TV.

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