How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10?

As we all know the smart screen feature is available in windows 10 that protects the PC from malware practices. The feature is not only built in the windows PC but also protects the Microsoft edge from the block phishing and malware websites. It is one of the important features as it keeps safe our PC from the virus. Moreover, if the user is an old user and is getting annoyed by the notifications of the smart screen then just follow the below steps. If any other use is looking for the question that How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10? then the user has come to the right place.

First, the question will arise in the minds of the user that what is exactly the smart screen filter in windows 10?

The feature of the smart screen filter was originated in windows 8.1 typically started in order to ban the phishing websites in order to stop the user from going to the phishing websites, malicious downloads, and more. Basically, it protects the laptop and other software from the virus as when a user downloads something online and if the pc shows that your pc is protected then it is sure that the website that you have visited is a virus-based website but due to the SmartScreen filter the user can visit the website freely without any tension.

Now let’s know the steps about how to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

1. In order to disable the smart screen settings first go to go to Settings > Update and Security.

2. After that tap on the windows security on the left panel and then select the apps and browse control from the right pane.

3. After that tap on the option of a tap on ‘Reputation-based protection settings’.

4. Now the window opened will show you the option of disabling the SmartScreen from the 3 different parts – local apps and files, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Store. From here the user is able to disable the feature for any of the 3 options provided above.

Moreover, if the user wants to stop the pop up that are annoying then just click on the option of ‘Potentially unwanted app blocking’.

That’s all was the information about the smart screen filter that the user must know now I hope that the user must have got the answer to the question that How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10?

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