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So, the question arises that whether the wallpaper on the iPhone is showed darker to the user or not. And if yes then the thing could there due to the wallpaper dimming feature and now if the user is facing the problem of the dimming wallpaper on the iPhone then the user has come to the right place. As in this article, the user will get the answer to the question that How To Disable Wallpaper Dimming on iPhone?

As we all know that with the launch of the iOS 13, Apple launched the dark mode for the screen, and at the same time the company bought the dim wallpaper feature to the iPhones which feature is now also available in iOS 14 also. As of now, the dark mode helps that when it is enabled it automatically darkens the wallpaper based on the ambient light for the user so that the user doesn’t get the stress on the eyes of the user and user can use the device in the dark mode too.

The wallpaper dimming feature will get dimmed at the moment when the user will enable the dark mode. And I know that many of the users will like the use of the dark mode instead of getting to the dimming mode and if the users want to turn on that then here are the steps that will tell you the thing.

1. First the user has to open the setting app on the iPhone.

2. After that the user has to scroll down and then has to click on the option of the Wallpaper.

3. Now on the next screen the user will see the option “Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper.” and the has to click on that.

4. Now the user has to turn off the toggle in order to set the dar theme wallpaper on the iPhone.

And that’s all about the disabling of the wallpaper dimming in an iPhone and now I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How To Disable Wallpaper Dimming on iPhone?

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