Here is the AirDrop Alternative the nearby share that has been out for a while on android devices. Some of the actions may be missing in the Chromebook. Moreover, the company has been testing the feature in the Chromebooks and the testing is already done in Chrome OS 87. if you want to enable the Chromebook in the device and also you will get to know how to enable the nearby share in the Chrome OS. How to Enable Nearby Share in Chromebook?

Below given steps will let you that how to turn on the nearby sharing

1. First of all Head over to chrome://flags on your Chromebook, and then search for ‘Nearby’ in the search box.

2. After that enable the flag that says nearby sharing and keep in mind that you shouldn’t reset the Chromebook yet.

3. After that search for the share sheet and may remember to enable the flag.

4. Now restart your Chromebook.

The next steps will tell you about how to use the nearby share in the Chrome OS.

1. First open the files tab in the Chromebook and select the file that you want to share. The user can see the share icon on the top of the screen.

2. Click on the share button and then you will see the nearby share options on the screen.

3. After clicking on that the Chromebook will search for the nearby share apps and then the user is able to select the nearby share apps from the apps shown in the list

4. After that the sharing process is done from the Chromebook by the nearby share.

This how the Chromebook helps a person to share the files wirelessly and non-manually.

That’s all was the news about the new Chromebook or How to Enable Nearby Share in Chromebook?


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