In August last year, Microsoft introduced the system of updated PowerToys with a system-wide color picker in order to help the users easily extract the color by using the color code anywhere on Windows 10. In this article, you will get to know how to Get a System-Wide Color Picker on Windows 10?

Here Are The Steps Below of Using The Same:-

First, you have to download or install the power toys in windows. In order to install the Power toys got to the PowerToys’ GitHub page. Now from the assets section click on the latest .exe file that you are needed to download. After the installation is complete then run the file in order to complete the installation on the pc.

Once the installation is finished then the user will be able to use the power toys as the home page of the app will get open. If one wishes to use the app after the start-up then the user must enable the run at start-up toggle.

Following are the points or steps that tell you how to enable the PowerToys Color Picker

1. Now from the power toy’s homepage click on the color picker tab on the sidebar. After that click on or flip the ‘Enable Color Picker’ toggle to the ‘On’ state.

2. The user is also able to enable the color pickle option with the commands Win + Shift + C. The user also has the option of remapping the control commands. In order to do so, one has to click on the Active Color Picker field and press the new keyboard shortcut combination.

3. Before using the tool the user is also enabled to customize the action behavior of the app. The available options are Color picker with editor mode enabled, Editor, and Color Picker only. The color picker mode with the editor first opens the app then it opens the color picker tab and then the user has to select the color. In the editor mode, the user directly goes to the color picker tab and is able to choose the color. The easiest way is the third one the color picker mode that always teams in on the screen.

The next steps will tell you how to use the PowerToys Color Picker

1. Now the user has downloaded the app and has set up the app on the pc. Then we come to the execution of the app. The user first has to click on the shortcut keys of the keyboard that the user has set earlier. After entering the shortcut keys the window of the app will be open and the tab will be showing or urging you to choose a color.

2. When you select a color then the color code automatically gets copied to the clipboard. Furthermore, codes such as HEX, RGB, and HSL are also available and the user can select those also. The app has also packed the option to let the users slightly tweak the picked color. The process will become handy if the user is looking for the darker or lighter mode of the color than the particular color you just picked from your screen.

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