As we all know that Alexa is that voice assistant device in today’s world that is used by most families these days and is used by the families in most of the languages that the people like the most and the user can make Alexa speak anything if the user wants but the only thing is that there is a smart trick that the user needs to apply. So, if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Make Alexa Swear on Amazon Echo, Android & iOS? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the things about Amazon Alexa.

The one thing that the user should keep in mind before making Alexa swear is that he should note that the device doesn’t know any of the profanities from before and after that thing only will make the users make it a potty mouth. And the feature will make this thing to both the device as well as the app. So, now let’s know the steps with the ideas.

The first comes out of making the Alexa Announcements. The thing will allow the user to ask Alexa to make an announcement. So, the user has an option to tell Alexa something pitty as to make that thing as an announcement and then Alexa will make the announcement of that thing. And the same thing can be done through the Alexa app that will allow users to make Alexa announce something.

The next idea comes out of the Samuel L. Jackson Voice Skill. As we all know that Alexa announced months ago a Samuel L. Jackson Voice Skill with responsive commands and with the launch of that the company has added about 30,000 new phrases, that will include explicit content and as well as a custom wake word. And with this, it is also a premium feature that will cost the user around $4.99.

And after installing and purchasing the feature the user has to turn off the explicit feature (Settings -> Music -> Explicit Filter) in order to get started.

And next comes the idea of the Simon Says Skill and the thing works like the same as the Samuel L. Jackson Voice Skill and the process is the same for working of both the devices.

And now comes the last idea of the Custom Q&A with Amazon Blueprints and a few days ago only Amazon announced the blueprints with the help of which the user can get their own custom replies that they want and in this feature, if the user asks the Alexa that “Alexa, do you think I’m funny?” and it will reply with “I don’t fooking think so.” Now that is priceless, isn’t it? so, these type of answers is expected.

Now I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Make Alexa Swear on Amazon Echo, Android & iOS?

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