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As we all know that comments on a post are one thing that is seen by everyone and it affects the user about 90%. So, a user might wonder sometimes that on this Instagram Post he/she wants to stop the comments of others or before the sharing wants that that after sharing of this post no one should comment on this. So, here implies the 2 cases the first comes the stopping of comments after sharing the post and the other comes to stop the feature before sharing the post or going live.

So, the first comes the case of stopping the comments on a post that has been shared already

1. In order to do so, the user first has to open the Instagram App.

2. Now the user has to visit the profile page and from there the user has to tap on the post for which the user wants to stop the comments.

3. Now the user has to tap on the option of the 3 dots which is present at the upper right-hand corner and after clicking it, it will reveal a list of options.

4. The user has to tap on the option of the “Turn Off Commenting.”

And that’s all now the user will get no comments on the post for which the user has “Turn Off Commenting.” And in order to on the same the user has to follow the above 3 steps and has to choose the option of the “Turn On Commenting.”

Now the next case comes of the situation when the user is about to post or go live and has to stop commenting before posting it

1. First the user has to select the photo or the video that the user wants to share and then the user has to choose the filters and then has to tap on the option of the next.

2. Now on the next screen the user has to choose the option of the advance options and from there the user has to get the option of the comment.

3. The user now has to turn on the toggle the stop commenting and it will disable the ability of others to comment on the post that the user is going to post on Instagram.

4. And for further the process is same for the posting a post on Instagram.

And that’s all where the case related to the stop commenting on a post on Instagram and I now I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How To Stop Comments On Your Instagram Post?

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