Tom Hiddleston has shown his value on the big screen, but his efforts on the small screen, such as Marvel’s Loki and The Night Manager, have been nothing short of spectacular, making every venture he embarks on in terms of the TV show a must-watch agony. Claire Danes is another television great, as seen by her work on Homeland. Her appearance on The Essex Serpent opposite Hiddleston is one of the many reasons the show should be on everyone’s radar.

This well-crafted period drama has six chillingly effective entries on the way, each with a fascinating mystery that will keep viewers engaged until the very end. Perry’s novel has earned widespread acclaim for the exciting story The Essex Serpent tells, and the series will hopefully improve the entire experience this daring tale provides.

Is The Essex Serpent available to stream on Netflix?

The selections offered to streamer subscribers may appear boundless, and it may be tough to choose the ideal title to check out. However, if fans seek The Essex Serpent, they should be aware that it is not currently accessible on Netflix, and it is doubtful that this condition will change very soon.

Where to Watch The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent is only accessible to Apple TV+ members. It joins Invasion, Severance, The Afterparty, and Mythic Quest on the roster.

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