As we all know that nowadays the signal app has become the most activated app in foreign countries and moreover the app has also updated the terms and policies. And with the update in the app and the CEO of the signal app has also become the third richest man in the world with the rise in app installation. But if the users are thinking to shift their account from WhatsApp to the signal then there are some things that the user must follow before shifting. If the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal? then the user has come to the right place.

As in this article, we will give you all the information about the signal that how to use the signal app, and all its features.

In order to shift from WhatsApp to the signal, the user must follow the following steps. But first, let’s know that How to create an account on the signal?

1. Firstly in order to create a signal account the user must have an active phone number just like the telegram but in this, the user has to send the invite to the friends via phone number and can’t find the friends throughout the User Id as the option is not available.

2. The user can use the app on platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. In order to use the app the user first has to install the app from the official website.

3. For installing the app the user has to first enter the phone number and then after entering the phone number the user has to enter the OTP sent via message on the phone number entered.

4. The user may face the problem of receiving the OTP as the system has not updated the fully yet but the chances of receiving the OTP are less in one day than a weekend.

Now we move to the next step of transferring the personal chats to the Signal

If the user is one of those users who may have some of the important chats in WhatsApp and wants to export them to the signal then the user has to follow the following steps:-

1. First the user has to open the chat of the person whose chat the user wants to export and after that, the user has to select the export chat option from the settings t the top right corner and after that, a text file will be downloaded. The user also has the option of including the media or not.

2. After that the user has to open the signal account and then has to select the note to self option on the signal app in order to export the chat to the signal. Moreover, if the signal doesn’t show the option of the share sheet then the option of file explorer can be chosen in order to save and upload the text file.

3. Now the user is able to use the signal and in order to start to chat with someone, the user has to click on the pencil icon, and then the user can chat with whomsoever the user wants.

Now the features of the signal are given below:-

1. The user is able to send, delete, or block the message requests.

2. The user also has the supported formats and the limits.

3. The app also supports the stickers just like WhatsApp.

4. Moreover the message is also encrypted.

That’s all was the article about the signal app that ho to use it and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal?

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