However, the IOS mac might have become the most interesting software in recent years but it still lacks some of the functions. but on the other hand, the mac is proved to be the best operating system as it provides the best operating system and always comes with the new features in the mac. A person using mac could do almost everything he wishes but in order to make the two users of one mac then it becomes too handy. So, in this article, you will get to know 2 of the easiest steps of How to Switch Users in Mac?

First, we come to the process of making the multiple users in the mac

1. First we will add the new users to the mac. In order to add the new users to go to the system preferences and then click on the users and groups option.

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2. Then click on the padlock icon and then enter the password that you have set.

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3. Then click on the Plus Icon.

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4. Now you are able to create the new user and you can also set the password for the user in order to access the mac and you are also able to choose the type of user whether he/she is standard or Administrator user.

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5. After filling in the details, click on the button to create a user.

Now we come to the option of creating a guest user

1. In the same menu option of the users and groups you will get an option of the guest user. So, in order to create a guest user click on that option.

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2. Then click on the check box that says ‘Allow guests to log in to this computer’.

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3. Moreover, you are also able to limit access to adult websites if you are giving access to a user.

The mac also gives the option of fast user switching which allows the old user to just click on the icon of the new user and you are able to access it automatically. The old user need not enter the password again and again in order to switch the user.

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One more way of switching the users from the mac is from the lock screen itself given below are the steps of changing the user from the lock screen.

  1. Firstly lock your MacBook by going on the Apple menu> lock screen or by the keyboard command of the ‘command+control+Q’ and then click on switch user.
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2.Now you are able to choose the user from the provided and then click on the user and enter the password and here you go.

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Now we come to the process of switching users with the terminal as it allows you to access the files of the other user without logging out and logging in the other user

  1. First of all, open the terminal and use the following command

2. After that replace the username with the name of the user from whom you want to access the control.

3. Then you will be prompted to enter the password for the user. After that, you write it simply and then press the enter or the hit key.4. Now you are entered in the user account for which you have entered the ID and the Password. Below give SS shows the same.

That’s all are the steps of How to Switch Users in Mac?

These were the two methods that allowed you to create multiple users in the MacBook without any difficulty.


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