How To Turn off Facebook Chat Seen Feature?
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As we all know the Facebook chat seen feature is not the thing that the users are afraid of as they are not afraid if someone sees their message or not. So, personally, we are not against this feature, but some of the people are there in this world who need there their privacy and wants to turn off the Facebook chat seen feature and if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How To Turn off Facebook Chat Seen Feature? then the user has come to the right place.

The Facebook chat seen feature, in reality, allows the user to see that who whether the person to whom the message has been sent has seen it or not. And in this case, the thing applies that if the person 4to whom the message is sent is busy so he can’t reply back and because of which the person who has to send the message might feel offended of that.

And now in order to avoid these types of situations, there are many options and the best implies the use of the extension under the name of the Facebook Hide Seen that is offered by chrome. And for those people who use any other web browser then I would suggest that they should use a handy extension for the chrome.

And nowhere is the line given for the extension. And after installing the extension, it will work automatically and there is no need for the user to work anywhere to come in handy for the use of it. After downloading the user is done with the thing. Now if the user sees the messages of others then also the sender will not get notified that whether the person has been the message or not. And that’s all.

Now I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How To Turn off Facebook Chat Seen Feature?


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