We all know that the Android Phone works very well with the Windows PC and the iPhone work with the Mac very well. But sometimes it comes the situation of connecting the Android with the Mac and the iPhone with the Windows Pc. So, in order to connect the Windows PC to the Android Phone is an easy task but to connect the same with the iPhone is a little bit of a difficult task. So if an iPhone user is looking for the connection of his/her mobile phone to a windows PC then he/she has come to the right place and by reading this article you will get the answer to the question that How to Use and Control Your iPhone from a Windows PC?

As I don’t understand why people want this feature or looking for this answer as one can use the screen monitoring feature of the iPhone and access most of the apps ina windows PC. But if the user is looking for the same thing then the user must read the article below as the article will provide you all the possible ways of connecting an iPhone to the Windows PC.

First, we come to the case of using Wormhole to Use and Control iPhone from Windows

1. The first option comes the option of the app of the wormhole. The app provides you the 3-day free-trial and if the user wants to use the full features of the app then the user has to purchase the app. But one thing is there that the app is free to download and the user need not to pay any fees to the user.

2. In order to use the app, the user first has to install the app from the official website and after that, the user has to select the option of the device type and there type the IOS.

3. After that the user can either purchase or can go for a free trial of the app depending upon his/her wish. Now the app will show you the option of the wired connection but the user can also choose the option of the wireless connection.

4. After that open the control center on your IOS device or iPhone and then click on the screen mirroring option. After that you will see an option of Wormhole-desktop-xxxxxxx”. then tap on that.

5. Now the user can proceed with the on-screen instructions and make sure you turn on the assistive touch on the iPhone as it is able the cursor of the PC to be used on the device.

7. Now the screen of your iPhone will be displayed on the PC and you can use the PC just like the iPhone.

Moreover, the app provides you with many more options that the user can avail of on the PC. The wormhole is also available for the MAC and the user can also connect the device to the MAC.

Second, comes the option to Use Dell Mobile Connect

The second option is the dell mobile connect which is completely free and the user might get confused by the name that the app will only run on the dell laptops but the app is available for all the Window PC.

1. First of all download the app on the PC and iPhone both.

2. After that the iPhone will display a code and then the user has to enter that code on the PC. After that accept all the permissions.

3. Once the user has followed all the steps shown on the PC. After that, the user is able to see the iPhone UI on the PC with a notification showing the Dell Mobile Connect app on your PC.

4. The user can also use the tabs on the left to view messages, make calls, and more.

With the benefits of this app there is also a drawback that the app doesn’t provide the screen mirroring of the IOS device and if by chance the function works then the app is very annoying and it also starts slow working that breaks the flow of the user.

So, that’s all was the steps about How to Use and Control Your iPhone from a Windows PC?


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