The new apple IOS 14 has introduced the feature of the app clips that helps the user to preview the app before using it. This feature is proved to be helpful for the new users but the old users are getting fed up with the feature as all the time when they install the app the clip starts running automatically which is very disturbing for the users. So, if the new user is looking for the answer that how to use the app clips, and if the old ones are looking for the answer that how to remove the app clips then you have come to the right place. In order to know How to Use and Remove App Clips on iPhone and iPad? just follow the given below steps:-

The apps clips come in many forms and the user can scan the codes, also the user can tap on the Nfc codes that are provided. But the links are something that a user can search for online and the work is manual which is a better form. Moreover, if the user is looking for the answer to the questions that how to How to Use and Remove App Clips on iPhone and iPad? then the user has come to the right place as this article will provide you all the information related to the App clips in the apple devices.

How to Use and Remove App Clips on iPhone and iPad?

Now let us know that what the app clips basically are?

The App Clips can be available in many forms and most probably the following are the types in which the apps clips can be provided.

App Clip Codes/ QR codes
NFC-integrated App Clip Codes
As links in Safari/Messages
Supported locations in Apple Maps

Both of the NFC and Regular QR codes of the App Clips are similar and can be scanned by the IOS devices easily. Moreover, for the NFC integrated codes, the user can simply launch the code through the iPhone if the user likes the app clip.

Now, most of the app clips are aimed at real-world use cases. For example, if there is a new user and want to learn about the bike share app then the user just has to scan the code, and then the app clip will be provided to the user through which the user will get a better understanding of the app.

On the other side, the apple clips will be a waste for the apps like the safari and messaging moreover the apps like news games and other apps the app clips may prove to be useful for the user.

Now if the user wants to remove or want to know how to use the app clicks then the user must follow the below-given steps:-

First, we come to the usage of the app clips:-

1. First of all on your iPhone or iPad go to the safari and then search for the web page that includes an app clip. For example, the user may visit a gaming website. There on the top of the website the user will see an option to play the video.

2. After that the pop-up box will get open showing the button of play again then click on that.

3. Moreover after watching the clip the user will get to know how to play the game and more details about the game. Moreover, the user will also get to know about the game and the user will also get the install button after the video ends. Some of the app clips also say to open the game rather than the play option.

Now let us know how to review the app clips that we have watched recently

If the user is interested to keep the history of the app clips watched by him then the app clips then the user must follow the following steps:-

In Cae Of iPhone:-

1. First open the app library and go to then open the recently added folder.

2. After that you are able to see the app clips that you have used. The dotted lines will appear around the apps whose clip you have recently use.

Now How to see on the Ipad:-
As we all know that the iPad os14 doesn’t have an app library so in order to check the app clips that you have watched just follow the below steps:-

1. First got to Go to Settings -> App Clips. Now you are able to see the apps clips here that you have watched.

Now we come to the process of removing the app clips form the iPhone or iPad

1. First of all on the iPhone or iPad go on the settings and then on the ‘App Clips’.

2. Here the user will get two options one of the removals and the other of the play again. So, in order to remove the clip just click on the clip, and here you are.

3. The user will also have the option to remove all the clips from the device.

Now here is the list of apps and clips that support the app clips:-

1. CardPointers
2. QuitAnger: Anger Management
3. WaterMinder
4. Unwind
5. ChibiStudio
6. Phoenix 2
7. Ayurythm
8. SmartGym
9. SignEasy
10. Parcel
11. Pocket Lists
12. Top Dollar

That’s all was the answers to the question that How to Use and Remove App Clips on iPhone and iPad?. For more information contact the Galaxyreporters staff.

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