Google Assistant Shortcuts
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Google Assistant Shortcuts

Just like the Siri Voices shortcuts on the iOS 14, Google also now has allowed the user to add on the 3rd party apps shortcuts to the assistant. And if the user is looking for the answer to the question that How to Use Google Assistant Shortcuts On Android? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the details about Google Assistant Shortcuts On Android.

As we all know now Google Assistant was used to opening the apps through voice commands that include claiming and texting to other persons also. But now the reports claim that Google has updated the version for Google assistant and now is allowed deeper integration for common tasks or pages within the app only. Now using the assistant shortcuts the user can use almost all the apps like can know the youtube subscribers, Facebook updates, and many other things also. And in order to do so, the user needs to enable them from the mobile phone settings, and for that, the user needs to follow the below-given steps.

1. First the user has to unlock the phone and has to give the command to the assistant as “Hey Google, my shortcuts.”

2. Now if the ‘Ok Google’ detection is disabled by the user then the user has to open the Google Assistant and then has to click on the profile menu and then has to go to the settings and from there has to select the option of the shortcuts.

3. Now after clicking on that, the user will be able to see the list of shortcuts of the apps that the user has on the phone, and from there the user can select the shortcuts that he/she wants to be added in the Google Assistant.

4. By selecting the user has to click on the option of the action and then the user has to customize and then has to save according to his/her wish the shortcut wants.

And that’s it, now the user can use Google Assitant to pull up the actions and can give the commands to her that the user has set in the shortcuts. Moreover, the user can also customize the voice assistant command, and the example incudes that instead of telling her that the “Hey Google, my Instagram profile,” the user can change it to the “Hey Google, show me my Instagram”

An here is the list of apps that Google Assistant Shortcuts are supporting currently and there are ven more to be added in the future.

The apps are Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, TikTok, Spotify, Discord, Snapchat, Walmart, Etsy, Twitter, Uber, and more, followed by Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Keep, and Maps.

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