How To Use Read Later Feature In Google Chrome?

As we all know that the Mozilla Web Browser provides the user to save the browsing pages for later use and now the same feature is being adopted by the Goole as the user can now use the feature of the read later and read the listing in the Chrome and the user must be wondering to know the answer to the question that How to Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome? then the user has come to the right place.

As in this article, the user will get to know all the things know about the feature.

First let’s know that how to use the feature in the chrome desktop:-

1. First the user has to launch the feature in chrome and now chrome has changed the name for the feature that is named as the reading list in chrome. Regardless of the name the user can just search for the Read Later in the chrome://flags and then the user can just enable the flag in the chrome. After that, the user has to restart the browser.

2. Now the user has enabled the feature and now let’s know that how to use the feature. Now in order to add the page to the reading list, the user has to right click on the tab and choose the option of adding the web page to the reading list.

3. And the user can also do the same by just using the bookmark option in the chrome tab and then the user has to choose the option of the add to the reading list.

4. Now the user will able to see the reading list option in the top right corner of the chrome window. And now the user will be able to see the bookmarks option if the user has enabled the option of showing the bookmarks in the tab.

5. Now the user has all the options of deleting the read window or keeping it for the future and the user can also save it as the option for the Mark as a Reading option in the window.

The same process continues for the chrome window in mobile phones and the user has to follow the same steps.

And that’s all for the article and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome?

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