How to Use Truecaller’s Guardians Personal Safety App?
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As we all know that the Truecaller is the best app that is used nowadays as the call screening app and for other purposes also. And the app has just released one more app like that under the name of the Guardians that will allow the users to share location with friends and family. And if the user wants to know about the app or is finding the answer for the question that How to Use Truecaller’s Guardians Personal Safety App? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will be told all the things about the app.

So, the first thing that comes out is the setting up of the app and in order to do so the user needs to follow the following steps:-

1. The Guardian app is available at both the platforms that android, as well as iOS, and the user, can download it any device and while the setting up of account on the app will ask the user to enter the phone number, name, gender and birth year and with that, the setting up of the profile pic will be in optional.

2. After the user has entered the basic details and then the app will requests the permissions needed in order to run the app. The required permissions will include the 3 things that will include contacts, location, and phone.

The next thing comes of sending the Invite Guardians

1. Now in order to do so, the user has to tap on the option of the ‘Invite Guardians’ that is present on the home page and then the contacts window will open and the user can send an invite to join the same.

2. The invited user will get an incoming message that contains the invite and will be shown to the user in the notification if the user has download the app already and if not then the message will be shown at the normal messages with a link to download and join the app.

3. the user can accept or reject the invite and in the future can share the location between the 2 people.

Now the thing comes that how to share the location using the Guardian App.

1. There are two ways through which the user can share the location and that implies the options as ‘Watch over me’ button or the ‘I need help!’ button. And the user can use the second option in the case of an emergency.

2. And now the receiver will get the notification that will show the location of the seder.

And that’s all was the article about the usage of the Truecaller’s Guardians Personal Safety App and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How To use Truecaller’s Guardians Personal Safety App?

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