As we all know that Zen Mode 2.0 provides the best experience of using the phone. Moreover, an update to the Zen Mode of the one plus phone makes the user take a break from the smartphone. Moreover, oxygen OS 11 is trying to launch the same feature in most of the phones. The updated version of the app can be updated from the play store itself. As there is the launch of the new features in the Zen app so if the user is a One Plus User and want to know that How to Use Zen Mode 2.0 on OnePlus Phones? then the user has come to the right place as in this article we will be discussing all these things.

So, first, let’s know that what is actually Zen Mode 2.0 and How It works?

The Zen Mode of the app is the one plus taken on well being. The company updated has updated the new features of the app with the OXYGEN OS 11 so that the app becomes compatible with the one-plus models.

The user can access the use of the app in the following one plus models:-

1. One Plus 8
2. One PLus Nord
3. One Plus 7
4. One Plus 7T
5. One Plus 5
6. One Plus 5T
7. One Plus 6
8. One Plus 6T

Now we tell you how to access and use the app

1. First the user has to install the app from the play store. After that, the user has installed the app the user is able to see that on the notification window with the other tile named as ZenMode.

2. If the user is not able to see the option then click on the pencil icon and then drag the option for the zen mode to the notification window.

Here are some of the new features of the Zen Mode 2.0

Updated UI
Increased Time Duration Settings
White Noise Tones

The first features tell us about the updated UI

As coming to the UI. Now with the updated version, the theme is now offering the five themes named meditation, space, Ocean, Grassland, and sunrise. As the name suggests that the theme will be running in the background while running the app.

Now we come to the next feature which is Increase in the time duration settings.

Earlier the Zen Mode offered only the time duration of 20 minutes but now the app has updated and it’s updated version provides the time duration till one minute and 120 minutes that allows the user to set the timings according to the requirements as the user now can set the timings from 10 minutes to 120 minutes whichever suits him best. In order to use the feature tap on the timer on Zen Mode’s home page and choose the duration and set the time according to your wish.

Now we come to the next feature that is white noise tones

The company in order to improve the noise tones tie-up with the sleep sounds and meditation app Tide. So, now the app offers the 5 types of white tomes noise i.e. jellyfishes, Light-Years, Country Mornings, Meditation, and Sunrise. Moreover, the tones are linked to the 5 themes of the app. And in order to use the tones, the user just has to enable the sound by tapping on the music symbol present in the top right corner of the app.

If the user doesn’t like the fancy music then the user can disable the feature and if the user wants to stop it between the session then just click on the music symbol present on the screen in order to enable or enable the screen.

That’s all was the article about Zen Mode 2.0 and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Use Zen Mode 2.0 on OnePlus Phones?

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