Irma Vep, played by Olivier Assayas, is back, but this time on television in the shape of a fascinating miniseries starring Alicia Vikander. Is it, however, available on Netflix?

The legendary actress Maggie Cheung starred in the 1996 classic feature Irma Vep as an actress who is struggling to justify the actions of her eccentric middle-aged director to the crew and journalists as she stars in the struggled filmmaker’s attempt to remake the classic silent film Les Vampires from Louis Feuillade. Over two decades later, Assayas has written and produced a new version of the fascinating story as a series, starring Vikander in the character of Cheung.

The series’ Rotten Tomatoes rating is nothing short of outstanding, and there is a lot of acclaim for Vikander’s flawless performance, which isn’t unexpected considering how many times she has exceeded expectations in the past.

Is Irma Vep available to stream on Netflix?

Anything starring Alicia Vikander is a must-see venture, and many people would want to see her titles on Netflix. In terms of Irma Vep, the series is not currently accessible on Netflix, and it is doubtful that this will change very soon.

However, this does not imply that users will be unable to discover anything worth watching when they connect to the streaming powerhouse’s website. Stranger Things, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Umbrella Academy, and Outer Banks are just a handful of the exciting dramas on Netflix.

Where can you watch Irma Vep?

Irma Vep is now accessible on HBO Max.

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