The oldest galaxies are approximately 13 billion years old, dating from just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. By peeking at those galaxies in the ultraviolet glow, scientists can find out what chemicals exist inside those galaxies, which is a piece of information that is crucial to understanding how galaxies form and evolve. But there’s an issue with this method as well. That ultraviolet light gets consumed before it can catch up with us.

However, scientists can stare at many galaxies that are just a little younger, 11 billion years old. And that’s exactly what the astronomers have performed with the Hubble Space Telescope, assisting it in creating this image of a very ancient, very far crop of galaxies.
Thousands of distant, unfinished galaxies in different shapes and sizes gleam in infrared light in a recently released image from the Hubble Space Telescope. The imageideaalled UVCANDELS.

UVCANDELS delivers unique “insight into ongoing star formation in galaxies both near and far,” announced Xin Wang, an astronomer at Caltech who illustrated the results on June 14th at the American Astronomical Society conference in California. UVCANDELS is the continuation of another survey named CANDELS, which assessed infrared and redder visible light.

Hubble retraced the portions of the sky that CANDELS considered with ultraviolet and purple visible light, including the one in the recently released image, recognized as the Extended Groth Strip. Scientists created this new image by blending layers from both surveys.

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