For more than three decades, the tireless Hubble Space Telescope has been providing amazing discoveries in many mysteries of the world, helping astronomers, physicists, and scientists of all lines to understand more about galaxies exoplanets, moons, and stars than ever before.

Please look at this old galactic image initially captured by the Hubble Telescope in 2012 (NASA recently released it this month) to show how viewing techniques can change our conclusions about what appears to be true.

Focus on the dense cloud of stars in the center of this jaw-dropping image. You see the galaxy ESO 318-13 in the southern hemisphere of Antlia (The Pump). Located 30 million lightyears from Earth and lovingly known as the Glitter Galaxy, the tiny ESO 318-13 is a small oval galaxy of about 1% of the Milky Way’s mass.

“ESO 318-13 is among the largest celestial bodies,” NASA officials wrote in a June 15 photo caption. “A few stars near and far are shining compared to the fine dust in this galaxy.”

Here ESO 318-13 seems to be placed amid an impressive scattering of very bright celestial objects. Many of the neighboring stars shining near and far are eye-catching compared to the united family of the Glitter Galaxy, especially the template with the high wattage in the center.

“The brightest one is found near the center of the image, and it looks like the brightest star found inside the galaxy. However, this is a visual aid,” wrote NASA. “The star is found in the Milky Way, our galaxy, and it shines brighter because it is closer to us than ESO 318-13.”

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