The spiral galaxy is nicknamed the “Needle’s Eye”; however, officially, it is recognized as NGC 247 and Caldwell 62. NASA said on May 10 that the alias is reasonable for this galaxy is a dwarf coil, making it a fairly small community of stars correlated to our own Milky Way.

The Hubble Space Telescope image depicts a void on the different sides of the galaxy, which NASA notified puzzles astronomers. “There is a shortage of gas in that part of the galaxy, which means there isn’t much material from which new stars can form,” the agency inscribed.

“Since star formation has halted in this area, old, faint stars populate the void. Scientists still don’t know how this strange feature formed, but studies hint toward past gravitational interactions with another galaxy,” the agency expanded.

Below the galaxy’s disk, you can spit a few smaller and remote galaxies beyond the Needle’s Eye marker of 11 million light-years which is a relatively close distance to us in galactic phrases. But hearing about those distant galaxies is something astronomers are also struggling to do.

“Bright red indicates areas of high-density gas and dust, and robust star formation rather close to the edge of the galaxy,” NASA declared.

NASA asks, “Are they stellar-mass black holes gorging on unusually large amounts of gas? Or are they long-sought ‘intermediate-mass’ black holes, dozens of times more massive than their stellar counterparts but smaller than the monster black holes in the centers of most galaxies?”

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