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Huge Unknown Radio Structure Detected Around the Universe’s Brightest Quasar

Astronomers have discovered two massive, mysterious objects that explode in the most bottomless black hole in the known universe.

Found in a 1959 study of cosmic radio-wave sources, a large 3C 273 black hole is a quasar – short for “quasi-stellar object,” because the light emitted by these behemoths is light enough to err on the side of light. . Although the black holes themselves do not emit light, the larger ones are surrounded by gases surrounding gases called accretion disks; as gas falls into a black hole at speed close to the light, the collision burns the disc and causes it to glow with radiation – usually received as radio waves.

Quasar 3C 273 is the first quasar ever to appear. It also shines brightly, shining more than 4 billion times like the light of the Earth while sitting at a distance of more than 2.4 billion light-years. In recent decades, scientists have been studying the nucleus of a burning black hole – however, because the quasar is much brighter, exploring the galaxy you are holding is almost impossible. That marvelous light, strangely enough, has left scientists, especially in the dark, about how quasars affect galaxies.

In the study, a team of researchers measured an Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope in Chile to separate the bright light of quasar 3C 273 from the light emitted by its carrying galaxy. They are left with radio waves emitted by the quasar galaxy – depicting two large and mysterious radio structures that have never been seen before.



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